Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board

The GSEB was established on May 1, 1960. The organization is responsible for holding state level examination in Gujarat. One examination is Senior School Certificate (SSC) and the other is for Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC).

The broad has taken up the following responsibilities:

  1. The board drafts the syllabus and assign the textbooks.

  2. It has full authority to set the exam pattern, finalize the exam dates, set the marking scheme and so on.

  3. The board ensures that no decision in regard to education goes strict with the students or burden the students in any manner.

  4. The board regulates the fee structure ensuring that every student pay as per the regulations.

  5. Gujarat board supports and encourages students who score worth appreciation marks. It gives scholarships and awards to such students.

  6. The board is worth appreciation for rectifying issues in the certificates issued to ex-students.

  7. Getting different schools in affiliation with Gujarat Board is also its responsibility.

Gujarat Board has many branches:

  • Academics

  • Accounts

  • Certificates

  • Establishment

  • Examination

  • Affiliation

  • Store

Class 10 Syllabus For Gujarat Board


Number Systems


  • Polynomials

  • Pair Of Linear Equations In 2 Variables

  • Quadratic Equations

  • Arithmetic Progression


  • Introduction To Trigonometry

  • Trigonometric Identities

  • Height And Distance

Coordinate Geometry

  • Lines


  • Triangles

  • Circles

  • Constructions


  • Areas Related To Circles

  • Surface Areas And Volumes

Statistics And Probability

  • Statistics

  • Probability


Chemical Substances – Nature And Behavior

World Of Living

Effects Of Current


Management Of Natural Resources


Section A - Reading

Section B - Writing

Section C - Grammar

Section D - Literature From Text Books

Social Science

Events And Processes

  • The French Revolution

  • Russian Revolution

  • Rise Of Nazism

Economies And Livelihoods

  • Pastoralists In The Modern World

  • Forest Society And Colonialism

  • Farmers And Peasants

Culture, Identity And Society

  • Sports And Politics

  • Clothes And Cultures

Class 12 Syllabus For Gujarat Board


Relation And Functions



Vectors And 3D Geometry

Linear Programming



Introducing Sociology Marks

  • Society And Sociology

  • Basic Concepts

  • Social Institutions

  • Culture And Society

  • Practical Sociology: Methods And Techniques

Understanding Society

  • Structure, Process, And Stratification

  • Social Change

  • Environment And Society

  • Western Social Thinkers

  • Indian Socialists


Static Electricity

Current Electricity

Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current And Magnetism

Electromagnetic Current And Ac

Electromagnetic Waves


Atom And Nucleus

Radiation And Dual Nature Of Matter

Semiconductor Devices

Communication System


Atomic Structure And Chemical Bonding

The Solid State




Chemical Kinetics

Surface Chemistry

p - Block Elements

d And f - Block Elements

Coordination Compound

Nuclear Chemistry


Organic Compounds With Functional Group

Containing Oxygen

Organic Compounds With Functional Group

Containing Nitrogen



Chemistry In Everyday Life


Physiology Of Plants

Physiology Of Animals

Reproduction, Growth, And Development

Ecology And Environment

Biology And Human Welfare

Computer Science

Programming In C++

Data Structures

Databases And SQL

Boolean Logic

Communication And Open Source Concepts


Micro Economics

  • Economic Problem

  • Definition Of Economics

  • Concept Of Production Cost

  • Concept Of Revenue

Macro Economics

  • Macroeconomics: Meaning, Features And Functions

  • National Income

  • Measurement Of National Income And Related Studies

  • Income And Employment Determination

  • Finance And Banking

Business Studies

Principles And Functions Of Management

  • Nature And Significance Of Management

  • Principles Of Management

  • Business Environment

  • Planning

  • Organizing

  • Staffing

  • Directing

  • Controlling

Business, Finance And Marketing

  • Financial Management

  • Financial Marketing

  • Marketing Management

  • Consumer Protection


Partnership Account

Reconstruction Of Partnership

Dissolution Of Partnership Firm

Share Capital Transaction

Accounting For Debentures

Analysis Of Financial System

Deshi Nama System


Section A - Reading

Section B - Writing

Section C - Grammar

Section D - Literature From Text Books

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