NCERT English Book Honeysuckle’s Solution And Summary

English is one of the most important subjects in CBSE. Having a strong grip over this subject is a must. For Class 6 NCERT has assigned a book- Honeysuckle. This book is full of interesting chapters and poems that are not just fun to read but also gives a positive thought to the brain. They have a strong moral for the students of young age.

For the students of Class 6, it is required to understand the book thoroughly so that they can successfully give the exams. To score good marks, students need to practice all the sections various times. We at BasciFirst have simplified the chapters and poems for these young brains. To help them successfully clear their exams, we have designed worksheets and mock tests. With this, both the students and the parents can get to know the strength and the weakness of their child.

Also, we keep track of the student’s learning, practice sheets, and mock tests. If we find a student struggling, we extend our helping hand to uplift the student. We identify the weak area and provides a platform for the students to ask their doubts. With this, the concepts get more clear and the student then can take the exams more confidently.

Chapter Wise Summary and the solution to all the given exercises.

Chapter 1: Who Did Patrick’s Homework?

Chapter 2: How The Dog Found Himself With A New Master?

Chapter 3: Taros Reward

Chapter 4: An Indian American Women In Space.

Chapter 5: A Different Kind Of School

Chapter 6: Who I Am

Chapter 7: Fair Play

Chapter 8: A Game Of Chance

Chapter 9: Desert Animals

Chapter 10: The Banyan Tree

Poem Wise Summary and the solution to all the given exercises.

Poem 1: A House, A Home

Poem 2: The Kite

Poem 3: The Quarrel

Poem 4: Beauty

Poem 5: Where Do All The Teachers Go?

Poem 6: The Wonderful Words

Poem 7: Vocation

Poem 8: Whatif

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